Through a large portion of my career I have worked with the ETSU Gray Fossil Site creating projects for their media, marketing and exhibit displays. At the, researchers work to excavate and examine ancient Pliocene fossils found in the sediment just behind the museum galleries. Above are some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken of their fossil specimens. At their lab and dig site in Gray, Tennessee, I created and used pictures like these to promote the site via social media, video content and printed advertisements.

As part of my duties to the museum, I designed, printed and installed a multitude of educational displays and posters. Here, I developed the skills to convey information clearly, and concisely, while still providing an engagingly modern look. Working for the museum also introduced me to some of their specialty techniques. Through work with the researchers and staff of the ETSU Center of Excellence in Paleontology I been exposed to specialty techniques in 3D printing, photography, 3d scanning, casting, 3d modeling and virtual reality.

In my projects and personal life I have always been closely involved with art and the gallery. This passion moves me daily to inspire awe through the exhibit space.

In addition to the informational graphics and exhibit layouts, I also designed a variety of creative works for the museum. This varies in range from marketing materials, to in-house art works for the staff and volunteers. Namely among these, are sets of t-shirts I designed for a yearly staff appreciation event. These designs were illustrated and color separated for screen printing by me, with concepts developed along side fossil staff members.

For the better part of a decade I have been an integral part of the museum’s graphic design. You can see my hand at play in much of the museums displays. In addition to designing works in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I also oversaw printing on a variety of large format projects. These projects vary in size from in-house promotional posters up to large commercially made banners.